The era of low ESPP participation is over.

We are a technology company that helps your employees build wealth through company stock ownership.

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What We Do

We make it possible for every employee to maximize their ESPP contribution without burdensome payroll deductions.

Carver Edison works with publicly traded companies to provide employees with interest-free ESPP participation loans using its patent pending technology. Our plans are supported by easy-to-understand content designed exclusively for your employees.


Employees can now maximize their ESPP regardless of their ability to afford payroll deductions. Carver Edison helps employees maximize their contribution by providing interest-free participation loans.


Carver Edison provides you with customized educational content designed exclusively for your workforce. An informed employee is always a more active participant.


Our cutting-edge technology helps you determine skill gaps and turnover risks months ahead of time with consumable, easy-to-understand reports. Your employee data tells a story. Let us write it for you.

Opportunity for shareholders

Offering a Carver Edison ESPP at your company is a quantifiable, value-creating event for your shareholders.

Our plans are explicitly designed to create shareholder value net of dilution. When compared with other ESPP designs, Carver Edison plans generate more paid-in-capital, greater tax assets with less dilution.

Thoughts From Industry Leaders

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A simple solution that unlocks opportunity for employees that refuse to settle.

Eli Broverman Co-founder - Betterment
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Carver Edison is the next frontier of investing made possible by cutting-edge financial technology.

Ray Tierney #1 Trading Technology Innovator- Institutional Investor

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